48hBüro is a format created by atelier voyage – a brazilian-german duo exploring the fields of design within research and research within design. Our place of work is constantly changing and so does our environment affect our creative output. We enjoy the possibility and freedom to move and let the surrounding space impress us.

48hBüro is a temporary performance, a settlement limited in time and space but open to any creative input, output, collaboration, workshop, collective action or individual detail. We connect, collect and create. Our studio has no location but can be built with available material anywhere. It’s a small occupation of public space, seeking to interact with its landscape and people.

Our format could and should happen anywhere, so if you have a project, festival, action or just simply a good idea, feel free to contact us.

You can find an archive of all 48hBüros done so far and an insight to each concept on this website.